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Financial Tips For single Parenthood


Parenting is hard as it is but when you take over the journey of single parenthood it is even worse to pay off your debt, plan your future. A common question single parent often asks is that how to manage their financial condition while they are raising a child on their own.

During your most challenging, hard, stressful, and uncertain moments, being a single parent can seem like the craziest financial decision you’ve ever made in life.

We are talking about those moments when a person is deciding between whether to buy gas for your car or groceries to feed your family. And the moments when you’re looking at your retirement account wondering if you’ll ever make any real way. Not to mention those long, exhausting nights when many other normal parents are likely resting comfortably in their beds while you work a second or third job to help make both ends meet. Or working in midnight on websites like dotbeasts for better future.

Wanneer u bemiddelingsdiensten nodig heeft in Nederland


Soms kan iemands leven de diensten nodig hebben van iemand die ervaring heeft met bemiddeling. Bemiddelingsdiensten kunnen zijn om huwelijksproblemen of confrontaties tussen een werknemer en een werkgever op te lossen. Sommige mediators leveren mediation medemblik, Nederland en ze willen dat potentiële klanten alles weten wat ze voor hun diensten leveren. Bij mediation wordt meestal een derde partij betrokken die geen persoonlijk belang of belang heeft bij de uitkomst van de situatie tussen de ruziënde partijen. De mediator vervult een leidende rol als externe adviseur terwijl de betrokken partijen zelf tot een oplossing moeten komen. Er wordt alleen ingegrepen wanneer dat nodig is om het proces te vergemakkelijken.

Wat u moet weten over bemiddelingsdiensten

Als het gaat om bemiddeling, staat een term die vaak wordt gebruikt bekend als alternatieve geschillenbeslechting, wat eenvoudigweg betekent elk middel om conflicten op te lossen zonder te procederen. Bemiddelingsprocessen kunnen echter behoorlijk emotioneel worden en kunnen leiden tot een rampzalig einde in plaats van het geschil op te lossen, zoals gehoopt. Soms zullen relaties, vooral zakelijke relaties, verzuren, ondanks de beste bedoelingen om je aan een contract te houden. De bemiddelaar zal er zijn om ervoor te zorgen dat alleen de feiten in het geschil worden gepresenteerd, en zal werken aan het vermijden van een persoonlijke agenda tussen de partijen die oorlog met elkaar voeren. In een echtelijk conflict moet bemiddeling zo zorgvuldig mogelijk worden behandeld, anders kan de situatie leiden tot een scheiding.

Meer weten over bemiddelingsdiensten

Bemiddelingsprocessen nemen aanzienlijk minder tijd in beslag dan naar de rechter gaan in een verwikkeld gevecht en zijn doorgaans goedkoper voor de betrokken partijen. Bemiddelingsprocessen hebben een reputatie van vertrouwelijkheid voor de betrokken partijen, in tegenstelling tot gerechtelijke procedures, die zeer openbaar zijn. Bij een mediation hebben de betrokken partijen meestal meer controle over de richting van het proces, waardoor een meer wenselijk resultaat ontstaat dat wederzijds tussen alle partijen ter zake in orde zal zijn. In het ideale bemiddelingsproces wordt naleving van de betrokken partijen verwacht wanneer er meer dan twee in het conflict zijn. Wanneer partijen instemmen met bemiddeling, hebben ze meestal al besloten dat ze klaar zijn om tot een of andere oplossing te komen.

Laatste gedachten over bemiddelingsdiensten

Bemiddelaars zijn professioneel opgeleid in hun vak en moeten vaak regelmatig worden gecertificeerd om op de hoogte te blijven van hun vakgebied. Een goede mediator helpt betrokken partijen om out of the box te denken als het gaat om het vinden van een prettige oplossing voor hun problemen. Er zijn gevallen geweest waarin bemiddeling een echtelijk conflict in zijn geheel heeft kunnen oplossen, waardoor een nare scheiding werd voorkomen. Er zijn andere gevallen waarin geen enkele bemiddeling kon helpen en het echtpaar eindigde in een touwtrekken-scheiding. Voor een succesvol einde van een bemiddelingsproces moet de bemiddelaar de volledige bevoegdheid in het proces hebben om controle over de bemiddeling te hebben. Zonder deze bevoegdheid heeft de bemiddelaar weinig waarde.

4 Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Valued


You take pride in your business and the products and services you sell, but you could not do it without your employees. There are many ways to lift morale by showing your appreciation for your personnel short of well-earned promotions and raises. Even small efforts can make a big impact. Here are some ideas to start with.

  1. Recognize Service and Accomplishments

Set up a bulletin board where you can post employees of the month or special accomplishments of various employees. Alternatively you could send a monthly email newsletter outlining the same information. There may be other monthly achievements you could mark as well. This may have the added bonus of encouraging other employees to shoot for similar goals.

  1. An Appropriate Gift

National Administrative Professionals’ Day does not just need to be for those employees with higher privilege. It is a day when every person who devotes their life to working in your company could be celebrated. There are some unique corporate gift baskets filled with everything from candy to cheeses to specialty teas that would be welcome on any desk. Such a gift would also be a great choice for a Christmas or holiday gift or to celebrate special accomplishments, or even as a get well or bereavement gift for employees facing difficult circumstances.

  1. Remember Birthdays

Make a note of birthdays or work anniversaries. A simple card on their desk or personal message in their email would let employees know that you are aware of them and appreciate their contributions to the work effort. You know the old saying, they won’t care what you know until they know that you care. Such a small token, but it can carry a big impact.

  1. Give Them a Break

Once in a while, order pizza or sub sandwiches for the lunchroom, or donuts for a break. This may be a small token but will show that you care about your employees. Make it a habit for the first Thursday of the month or other such regularly scheduled times that employees can look forward to. Give them an extra fifteen minutes for lunch or let them off an hour early the last of the week.

Whatever efforts you make to show your personnel that they are a valued and appreciated part of the success of the business will be received with gratitude and will go a long way to building loyalty and contentment with their jobs. It can create a win-win situation you can both benefit from.

Being a partner can be expensive, so why buy attraction tickets at full prices?


Whenever it’s time for holiday, people start planning trips to the resorts and attractions across the world. Of course everyone needs to have a break from the dull and boring routine life and we all want to do something new and refreshing in our days off. On the other hand we all know this as well that nothing comes free in this life and we have to pay for the holiday as well. For an average person, getting to fully enjoy the holiday means that he has to save a lot of money before going to his dreamland with the family.

It is not easy to spend a holiday in the world of attractions as the tickets for the whole day can cost you like $100 per head which gets extremely expensive when you are on the go with family. However, you need to remember that not everyone pays for the tickets in full at the attractions like Disneyland and theme parks. Everyone utilizes the offers that can help save their money.  Have for buying the attraction tickets in comparatively low prices?

We know that you being a partner have to spend on the family as well, but why go for the expensive deals? Why not take some time to find out the options that yo

However, it is not necessary that you have to empty your pockets out for the fun. You should try your best to save as much as you can on all the things and for that you need to learn the tips and tricks that can help you save your precious money. Which is the reason why we have gathered here the list of such tips that are going to prove helpful to you for the holidays.

  • Stay away from the fake ticket sellers

Before you get to have the tickets, make sure that you have checked for the reviews of the selling site as there are a lot fake people too, selling false tickets. The best way to buy genuine tickets is to log on to the website of AttractionTix and get the attractions tickets for Disneyland London and a lot more exciting places

  • Try taking the members pass

If you feel that you will be making frequent visits to the attractions, then consider buying the membership pass for these areas. The membership passes ask for a payment at the time of purchase, but later, there come several opportunities for the members by the attractions. You can avail that and get the best out of the memberships and save some handsome amounts as well.

  • Make your pick long before the holiday season

One effective way of getting the cheap tickets to the attractions is to get your booking in those days when there are less people attracted to it. At the low times, you can make better and more effective options that would be friendly to your pocket too.

What Are The Tips For Buying The Clothes For Kids


When you are out to buy the clothes for the kids, it can be challenging as well as fun. This is so because there is no shortage of clothes in the market or online. And you also do not want to buy the clothes which are going to outgrow them as it would waste a whole lot of money. When you are out to buy the clothes for the kid girls then you need to be lot careful. You need to have patience as well as the perspective so that you do not fall in the trao most of the parents do. One of the main problems is that the kids grow so fast that they are going to outgrow any clothes you buy. The trick is buying the clothes which can be worn by your kid for a longer period of time. Kids will never stop growing and this what makes it very challenging. You have to shop smart. You can only shop smart if you have certain tips in mind before you are going to buy the kids clothes.

Here are the tips for buying the clothes for kids:

Comfort above everything else:

The kids are very particular when it comes to buying clothes for them. There are some kids who won’t be comfortable in the jeans and some won’t be comfortable in the normal pants. This is so because some kids might want something to wear which is loose enough and some kids to want to wear tight jeans. Whenever you’re shopping for the kids, it is very important to keep comfort in mind above everything else. Even the outfit looks adorable on your little girl, if it is not comfortable for your child, then they are not going to wear it all day without being irritated or crying. Make sure that it does not feel scratchy to your child. You have to stick with the clothing which can easily go against the smooth skin of your little girl.

Mix match:

If you are trying to make a wardrobe for your child, it is very important that you buy clothes with a mix and match so that it can be worn differently and uniquely every time. For the little girl, it is very important that you buy the clothes color oriented so that there wardrobes is neverout of new matches. The kids do not want anything but to wear colorful and comfortable clothes. The mix match is also going to make the shopping less costly as you can have different choices for much less price. This is one of the best examples where you can shop smart and save more.

Value and branded clothes:

It is true that your kids are going to look adorable in the big brands. But do not worry if you do not have that kind of budget as your kids are going to look cute in even the local or store brands. You do not have to buy expensive name brands and go for the normal affordable brands. Not only you are going to save a lot of money but your kids are also going to look cute in them.  Even your kids are going to outgrow these clothes. So it is pointless to buy branded clothes, if that is not in your budget.

End of season:

One of the most budget friendly and the best way to buy the best clothes for your kids is to shop near the end of the season when the sale starts. There are huge discounts available when you are going to buy clothes. You can even buy a bucket of clothes won’t regret a single piece of it. If you are lucky, you can get some of the best clothes in your budget, which were out of your budget at the start of the season.

Does Your Child Like Acting?


Helping Your Child Succeed

Every parent wants their child to succeed in life. Perhaps most importantly, they want to ensure that their child succeeds financially. While money may not buy you happiness, it certainly makes living a lot easier. So, when your child comes to you and tells you that they want to be an actor, you may be understandably worried. After all, acting careers don’t always take off. Many young children who wind up flying off to California or New York to make it big find themselves failing. As your parent, however, you should never discourage your child from following their dreams. Instead, you should do everything in your power to help them succeed. This article will discuss how you can ensure your child is given the best start that they can for a successful acting career.

1. Acting School

Primary school can be useful if it has a drama club, but by and large, the bulk of your child’s education is going to come from an acting school. There are quite a few across the country and all have their advantages and disadvantages. You can help your child select the best acting school for them by understanding what kind of acting they wish to do and which they are most strong in doing. For example, if your child has a particular gift for comedy, then you should consider acting schools that excel with comedians. The same goes if they prefer dramas. The type of acting they are comfortable with should also be considered. For example, do they prefer stage productions or films? By focusing on the specifics, you can find the perfect acting school for your child to attend. Along with their Uta Hagen textbook and skills, they can benefit greatly from an acting school. Not only will their skills continue to be honed but they will also be able to make connections that can land them bigger roles in the future.

2. Sign Them Up For Jobs

Pride and egos have no room in a budding acting career. Every role matters to a beginning actor. As soon as you learn that your child wishes to become an actor, you need to find local shows that require actors. Every bit of exposure that you can offer to your child will help them. Besides just offering them an actual opportunity to perform their profession and learn from the experience, it’s also a great way to meet directors and producers that may want to use your child in another production at a later time.

3. Exposure

One final way to help your child become an actor is to give them as much exposure as possible. YouTube and other social media are going to be the best tools for this task. YouTube, in particular, can showcase your child’s talents. However, you shouldn’t just record them acting at home. Instead, record their performances so prospective employers can see your child in action. Perhaps your child can even start their own YouTube channel to further gain a following. If they have an invested audience, then producers are going to take notice.

Coping With the Baby Blues


Postpartum baby blues is a very common experience among new mothers. Even those with several children receive the same overwhelming rollercoaster of emotions that follows each birth. For most moms, the baby blues will pass within a few weeks. During those long days (and nights), there are steps you can take to ensure a gentle transition.

Join a Support Group

Many mothers ignore or keep their baby blues hidden from others, feeling guilty for not being full of pure maternal bliss. But struggling with the baby blues gets worse in isolation. It is so important for all new moms to remember that they are never alone. If you want, you can join an online mommy support group or find someone you can talk to about your feelings.

Work With Your Natural Hormones

Tap into your body’s natural chemicals by initiating continuous skin-to-skin contact with your baby. Research shows that skin-to-skin contact develops and strengthens a chemical bond between mother and baby. Even though you may feel sad, anxious, and fatigued, try to maintain consistent time with your baby where she lies on your bare chest.

Keep Your Baby Close With a Carrier

Of course, this is not only doable while lying in bed. Especially if you have other children, you will need free hands as you move about the house or run daily errands. Keep your newborn close to you with a well-made ergonomic baby carrier. The carrier will keep your infant safe, secure, and close to your chest—a baby’s favorite place to be!

Resist the Urge to Stay Indoors

If the weather permits it, spend time outside. Sunshine and natural Vitamin D are wonderful antidotes to sadness, and you’ll feel better getting out in the fresh air. You’ll want to keep your baby covered, so wear a large sun hat or purchase an umbrella or covering that covers you and your baby.

Treat Yourself

Now is not the time to think about losing the baby weight! Handle yourself very tenderly during those first few postpartum weeks. Avoid stepping on the scale or trying to squeeze in your pre-pregnancy pants. You can use a snack delivery service, filling the box with your favorite treats so you and your partner won’t have to think about stocking up. It is important to allow yourself a daily indulgence with food. This can be a simple way to combat the roller coaster of emotions brought on by the baby blues.

Surround Yourself With Your Favorite People

Be comfortable in feeling selective of who spends the most time with you. You know which people in your life bring on more anxiety and stress than others. You don’t have to let people touch and hold your baby, but it can help to have your favorite people visiting you after birth.  Naturally cheerful people can help lift your spirits, helping your baby blues fade.

No matter what steps you take, try to be gentle and forgiving of yourself as your body and mind adjust to the changes you are experiencing.

SURROGACY- A solution for Infertility!


“Surrogacy is an arrangement where a woman becomes pregnant on behalf of another woman. She carries the pregnancy with the support of a legal agreement. This is an alternative solution where the couples are unable to conceive.”

Gestational Surrogacy is one type of surrogacy and the other type of surrogacy is Traditional Surrogacy. Nowadays, Gestational surrogacy is used by each and every doctor in India. And this traditional surrogacy was banned by Bill 2016.

For gestational surrogacy and infertility treatment, IVF treatment is used. The first successful IVF treatment in Mumbai was done in the year 1978. The process of IVF is, the eggs are combined with the sperms and then it is transferred to the surrogate’s uterus. And to complete this cycle it takes 4 to 6 weeks. The success rate of IVF treatment is 45% if the person is below 35.

For IVF there are many services or techniques used. But for the advanced techniques and equipment foremost hospital is required. Because IVF or Surrogacy is a very delicate topic. For this treatment, you cannot take a risk of choosing any random hospital for the treatment. As per our knowledge and research, we have got many hospitals. But to choose only one hospital we recommend Saraogi Hospital.

Saraogi hospital was established in 1980 and it is located in Malad and Andheri which are the famous places in Mumbai. Saraogi hospital is not only famous for the services they provide but also for the pioneer doctors. Dr. R.M Saraogi is the founder of Saraogi hospital. He has done his career in Obstetrics and Gynecologist. He has 39 years of experience in this medical field. He has treated all the complicated delivery successfully. Along with R.M Saraogi, Dr. Mohit Saraogi is also the responsible IVF doctor in Mumbai.

Dr. Mohit Saraogi is a gold medalist in DGO and FCPS. He has 15 years of experience in this medical field. He is an IVF specialist in Saraogi hospital, Mumbai.

The services offered in Saraogi Hospitalare IVF treatment and Surrogacy. For the process of surrogacy, the hospital chooses a surrogate mother for the intended parents. All the legal agreements are done with the help of the trained team of the hospital. Proper conversation is done between the surrogate and the doctor. After telling her all the process of the hospital and the treatment which she will be going through doctors will interview her family to see whether they are supportive or not to her. After the selection of a surrogate mother, doctors began with the further legal process. After the legal process, they start with IVF treatment.

There are many methods used in IVF treatment and they are IUI, ICSI, IMSI, Hysterectomy, embryo freezing, and sperm test. All these are the methods used when a couple is having a problem- either a sperm problem or an egg problem. So with the help of these methods, doctors inject them properly so that you get pregnant. And during this process, the surrogate has to stay in the surrogate’s house till her delivery date.

The surrogacy cost in Mumbai at Saraogi hospital is 10 lakhs to 11 lakhs. The cost includes all these services and the treatment fees. Even the payment method in this hospital is very affordable. You can pay the treatment fees in installments. At the start of the treatment, you have to pay 20% of the fees and the rest you can pay in installments. The success rate of surrogacy is 65% to 75% in Mumbai. But the success rate of surrogacy in Mumbai is 75% to 85% at Saraogi hospital depending on the cases.

Once the delivery is done the baby is handed to the intended parent of the child. And the child features resemble his biological parent and not the surrogate mother. Even the child will have his biological parents DNA. On the birth certificate of the child, his intended parent’s name will be written. And after giving birth to a child the surrogate mother will not have any contact with the child’s family. To conclude with my article Surrogacy is an alternative solution to conceive.

Financial Tips Every Single Mom Should Know


A common question single mom often asks is how to manage their financial condition while raising a child on their own. Parenting is hard as it is but when you take on the journey of single parenthood it is even more difficult to pay off your debt, plan your future and save more money.

If you are a single mother who looks for resources for single mom to manage her money goals then there are a few tips you need to know. Lack of proper financial planning can result in mismanaged financial decisions causing more anxiety and stress thereby affecting your ability to be the best mom. Here is what you need to know to learn the fundamentals of financial planning for single moms.

Earn as much as you can

Most of the single moms raise their kids with little or no financial help from their partner. On an average an American single mom receives around $ 300 per month as child support from the dad. We all can tell the amount is not enough to fully support the child financially. This is why single parenting is such a huge financial responsibility. You need to have strong earning potential to avoid being statistically poor. You can consider hiring a babysitter so that you can get an advanced degree to progress in your career. As a single mom you have to take risks to boost your earning potential as much as possible.

Only buy what you need

As a single parent for the family you have to have a financial question so that you can meet with emergencies prepared. The first step towards financial stability is to live within your means, say for emergencies and start paying down debt. When you are a single mom it is often that you feel the pressure of two-parent families and would want to pursue their lifestyle. You might want to go on vacations, live in an affluent neighborhood or maybe you want to buy things that you really don’t need. It is a debt trap that you need to avoid and only live a lifestyle that you can afford. Build your own lifestyle on your own terms and within your means.

Pay off debt — for good

When you are raising a family on your own getting into debt is very easy. An easy solution to keep out of debt is to follow the rule,’ if you to finance it then you can’t afford it ‘. Spending on your food, utilities, electronics, clothes and travel is important but do not overdo it. Try to avoid loans such as home mortgage as you really don’t want to own a house in the early phase of your single parenthood. The less you will owe to people the easier it will be for you to reach your financial goals and build wealth.

Get protection for yourself and your child

There are some protections that you must have. Like do not ever skimp on your life insurance. When you are a single mom struggling to meet the ends financially, then you can be tempted to skip the insurance cover all together. It is not an easy experience to think about your own mortality when you are raising a family alone. But this very particular severity requires you to carry life insurance so that you will be assured that your kids will be well taken care of by other members of the family. Your proper insurance will ensure you your kids get:

  • Extra childcare they will need
  • Get to enjoy life with experiences like music and sports lessons
  • Get proper education and attend college
  • Help your kids buy homes, plan their wedding etc.

Set big goals

One of the major mistakes you can make is to compare your life with that of your neighbors who are doing better financially. Do not fall for that lifestyle and set small short-term financial goals such as saving a little cash every month.

Single parenthood doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself from setting glorious and scary goals. Dream big, it can be a perfect career or a perfect home, this will make you more committed and diligent and you are more likely to achieve them.

You will be really surprised to know what you can achieve as a single mom, so never hold back.

Things to Know When Hiring a Bouncy Castle


Inflatables are some of the most fun entertainment features at children’s parties. Bouncy castles, as they are more commonly referred to, bring such enjoyment to the children that you don’t really have to offer any other forms of entertainment to keep them occupied. They’ll happily and tirelessly jump the hours of the party away.

What to Ask When Hiring a Bouncy Castle

If you’re looking to hire a bouncy castle, prepare a list of questions to ask the different entertainment services that offer inflatables. Many of their rules and policies are the same, but there are still specifics to iron out with regards to your own bouncy castle rental.

1.We plan to situate the inflatable in this area; do you have one that will fit in it?

Bouncy castles come in all sorts of themes, shapes and sizes. The most common bouncy castles measure about 4 square meters. If you have plenty of space, there certainly are much bigger inflatables.

2. Would there be a problem about setting the bouncy castle up indoors?

It’s best placed outside, but if you’re putting it in an indoor venue, make sure that the ceilings are high enough.

Outdoors, bouncy castles are best set up on level grass, secured to the ground with pickets, but they may also go on hard surfaces. Let the bouncy castle company know beforehand so they can bring sandbags or water drums with which to secure the inflatable.

3. What safety features do your inflatables come with?

Most bouncy castles are fitted with netting that will keep kids from bouncing off the castle. They also have soft entry and exit points. Nonetheless, it’s still best to ask to make sure.

4.Do I need insurance to rent an inflatable for an event?

Reputable companies are WorkSafe-compliant and have public liability insurance. You still need to ask how much cover the companies you inquire at have and what events are included in their coverage.

5.Does the rental come with an operator?

There are companies that include a trained operator in the cost, but there are others that will only provide one upon request at extra cost.

For those who opt out of an operator from the company, it’s still necessary to arrange to have a supervisor manning the bouncy castle during the event. That supervisor will have to speak with the hire company for instructions on how to keep bouncy castle use safe.

6.How do you power the bouncy castle?

Inflatables usually require access to a 10Amp power point that’s no more than 20 meters from their set up. If you plan to have more than one castle, take note that the inflatables have to connect to separate power points. Do not use double adapters or power boards.

All inflatables need a constant source of power running for them to stay inflated. Fluctuating power could be dangerous. Even just a minute is enough to deflate the bouncy castle, so make  sure that you have enough power points if you’re hiring more than one inflatable.

If your setup is going to be too far away from a power point, ask if the company also hires out generators.

7.How long does it take to install a bouncy castle?

It doesn’t take too long to set up a bouncy castle. Ten to 20 minutes should be enough time, but it’s not a small job.

Bouncy castles are heavy and bulky even before they are blown up. That’s why it’s also important to have vehicle access to your setup point since it is recommended that inflatables be dropped directly off at the setup area from the vehicle.

If you have specific wishes about the time you want the bouncy castle set up, let the company know so it can be arranged accordingly.

A Fun Feature

Just the sight of a bouncy castle at a party is enough to thrill the kids. Ask the right questions and you can make sure that everything will go smoothly so nothing takes away from your young guests’ enjoyment.


In 2008, Managing Director and Founder of The Big Moo Events Lorate Hamzeh left a successful career in Human Resources to venture into the niche market of children’s entertainment. By introducing the UAE to Singing Telegrams, Lorate attracted the attention of the children’s entertainment market with a collection of fun mascots. Within a year, Lorate added children’s entertainers and bouncers to the company’s ever-growing list of services, and the rest was history.