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  Is Your Teen Responsible When Driving?


For parents with teenagers driving, nights can get a little sleepless at times.

Are they okay? If they’re late, did they get in an accident? Will their vehicle hold up? Did they get lost? Those are but some of the questions an anxious parent can ask when their teen is not home by curfew time.

To make stress less worrisome, have you taught your teen about being a responsible driver? If not, you might very well want to polish up on some things.

That said don’t leave your teen’s driving to fate.

By going over the responsibilities a driver has, they are much less likely to get in trouble.

It All Starts with Education

In getting your teen to be the best driver possible, remember a few keys:

  1. Education – Never stop educating your teen about their responsibilities at the wheel. For instance, there is plenty of online material from your local DMV office to help with this need. This will help your teen stay up to speed on changes in your state’s road regulations. You can also find blog posts and online videos to assist with driving education. Given teens do not have the road experience of older drivers, never stop educating them.
  2. Responsibility – Remind your teen the responsibility they have to them and others. This means being a responsible driver at all times. Although the urge may be there on occasion to tailgate, speed, and even cut someone off, don’t do it. All these actions do is lead to possible accidents and even confrontations.
  3. Distractions – One contributor to auto accidents is when drivers get distracted. From cell phones to trying to eat and drive, it only takes a split-second for a driver to lose his or her focus. Remind your teen that they should never try and operate their phone when driving. That text message or call can always wait for when they are in a safe spot off the road.
  4. Alertness – Does your teen have a penchant for falling asleep when they shouldn’t? This is very important when they are out on the road behind the wheel. Whether later in the evening or early in the morning, remind your teen that he or she can be drowsy when driving. Much like a distraction in the vehicle; dosing off for even a few seconds can lead to a very serious accident.

Lay the Law Down

If your teen is not holding their end of the bargain in being a responsible driver, don’t be afraid to lay the law down.

This can mean taking away their driving privileges for a period of time. Even if you do not feel good about doing so, you will know in the end it is the right thing to do.

Having your teen a little upset with you is better than them getting into an accident. At the end of the day, it is all about how to raise your child and have them respect certain rules.

By making sure your teen and responsibility go hand-in-hand, both of you will be the better for it.

Bye Bye, Melasma! My Solutions to Stop Hiding Under Makeup


What I first experienced the dreaded “pregnancy mask,” I became extremely self-conscious. The brown spots taking over my skin were embarrassing. I wanted to hide. So, I did. I bought tons of beauty products to mask my mask. I spent hours learning how to do my makeup differently via YouTube to cover my pigmentation issues.

I looked up melasma treatments and struggled to get good results. I discussed my skin concerns with my doctors. It seemed like I was never going to be able to leave the house with a makeup-free face again. But, then, I made a discovery that changed everything.

I Made Some Lifestyle Changes

First, I stopped taking my birth control. I learned that melasma is directly related to hormone changes. It appeared because of pregnancy. Since hormone changes trigger melasma, I decided to stop taking birth control while I was trying to treat my issue. After discussing it with my doctor, this was the right choice for me.

I Practiced Sun Safety

Then, I started practicing sun safety more than ever before. I began to use daily sunscreen and wore sunhats and sunglasses. Even when I started to see positive results, I continued to use sunscreen daily. Melasma can easily return as a result of sun exposure. I do not want to risk it!

I Found a Melasma Treatment That Worked

Finally, I hesitated to use many of the products on the market because of the possible side effects. However, I learned about Cysteamine cream, which is a safe alternative of hydroquinone. I was thrilled to discover Cysteamine cream was the melasma treatment I had been searching for. Within less than six weeks of just using the cream once a day, I began to see the results!

Now, I only use the Cysteamine cream twice a week to maintain my complexion, along with a daily SPF. I no longer feel like I must hide my skin behind makeup.

Baby Trend Strollers Review


Baby Trend is one of the main organizations that give only the best of inventive items to meet the regularly expanding requests of guardians. The organization utilizes its 21 year encounter as its firm establishment in the ever aggressive advertising industry. Baby Trend has been broadly known in creating all around aggressive items with unparalleled security at a moderate cost.

The organization itself is extremely pleased with designing probably the most well known strollers of today like the Snap N Go and Sit N Stand Strollers. The Snap N Go Stroller was a leap forward as it gives guardians the comfort of having a newborn child auto situate in a split second changed over into an amazingly light stroller. The Sit N Stand then again is especially equipped for obliging a newborn child and a youthful baby in the meantime. The stroller was named to be something that develops with the family.

A portion of alternate strollers of Baby Trend incorporate the Stride Sport Stroller, the Passport, and the Euro Buggy. The Stride Sport Stroller Series is one of the most up to date accumulations of the organization. The gathering is made out of a few chic strollers like the Gabriella, Dakota, Mesa, Columbia, and Mist. All of Stride Sport Stroller gives an extensive shade shelter to children to give the most extreme security to babies under the sun. It extraordinarily accentuates it security highlight through its 5-point wellbeing saddle with cushioned bridle covers. With an expansive stockpiling wicker bin each parent is never shy of anything the baby needs.

The Passport Stroller is one of the lightweight strollers of Baby Trend. It is elegantly complemented with dark, white and blue streaks. Despite the fact that it’s lightweight, the stroller is made of durable development. Its foot actuated back brake gives the parent full control over the stroller. It likewise gets the chance to be collapsed effectively for minimal capacity.

The Euro Buggy then again is enlivened with an European plan and furthermore accompanies a lightweight component. It additionally gives the guardians a choice to have their children either front aligned or back confronting. At a solitary push of a catch, the stroller is helpfully acclimated to its proper stature. It is particularly simple to divert and minimalistically folds for capacity.

For loads of other baby strollers reviews surveys look at BabyStrollerCritic.com where you will discover audits and appraisals on all the main stroller brands and models including Baby Trend strollers [https://www.mybabystrollersreviews.com/]Combi, Peg Perego, Baby Jogger, MaClaren, BOB and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro sometimes gets a bad reputation due to crime levels, but as families and visitors flocked to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Olympics, the world was reminded of its goodness. Rio de Janeiro is a place filled to the brim with culture, fun, and adventure. The Brazilian people are proud of their country, and their lively attitudes infuse the streets of Rio.

Rest assured, your children will not be bored for one moment while you are in Rio de Janeiro. Simply taking in the sights will fill them with delight. Moreover, Rio de Janeiro offers several kid-friendly things to do to keep your children happy and entertained on your visit.

Go on a Free Tour of Rio de Janeiro

First, you must book a Rio Walking Tour to help you learn about the history, culture, and the people. When you take an official tour of the area, you will gain insights into Rio from an experienced tour guide. The tours are both educational and fun. Your children will learn quite a bit, and the tour will keep them busy for several hours.

Visit the Beaches

You cannot visit Rio without visiting the beaches. It will simply come down to deciding which beach is best for your family. Some families claim Leblon is the best beach for children as it offers a kid’s play area and plenty of beach for children to play safely. However, you can also take your kids to the more popular beach destinations such as Copacabana and Ipanema.

Ride in a Cable Car Up Sugarloaf

Kids love the cable cars throughout Rio de Janeiro, but most believe the cable car that runs up Sugarloaf is their favorite. Why? Just one look at the steep incline will either scare you or delight you. Kids love the exciting trip and the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

See the Christ the Redeemer Statue Up Close

The most recognized symbol of Brazil is the Christ the Redeemer statue that sits on the top of Corcovado, which is the highest peak in the area. Making this adventure even more fun is the journey to the top. Families can either ride in the train or a minibus.

Explore the Museum of Tomorrow

Children will love exploring the Museum of Tomorrow, but they are not the only ones. It is interactive and thought-provoking, so your family will love seeing the possibilities of technology in the future up close. With all the cool exhibits, your family can easily spend several hours exploring the exhibits.

Take a Swan Paddleboat Ride

Children will get a kick out of riding in a swan paddleboat at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. This lake offers the swan paddleboat rides as well as bike rentals. Plus, it is a beautiful setting with the lake and mountains in the background.

Spend Time in the Botanical Gardens

Finally, spend some time in the botanical gardens, which are beautiful and full of birds and monkeys. In addition to touring the gardens, there are also several places to explore and learn about the animals and nature in Brazil.

15 Warning Signs of a Bad Day Nursery


Having your child at a day nursery gives you a lot of time to concentrate on other pressing issues. Every parent’s dream is to take his/her child to the best day nursery possible. But what are some of the signs of a bad nursery? This article will explain to you 15 warning signs of a bad day nursery.

  1. Failure to address concerns

The staff of a day nursery should always be ready to listen to concerns raised by parents. If they are dismissing or ignoring your concerns or any other parent’s concern then this should give you a sign that the nursery is bad. Other things you should look out for include; the staff being overly defensive and rude.

  1. Attitude problem among the staff

Children enjoy an atmosphere that is filled with joy and happiness. A nursery in which the teachers handle the children in a rough way or with cold stares should be avoided at all costs. This also includes teachers who do not care for the children and may reach an extent of bullying the children.

  1. High staff turnover

Most children love being taken care of by a familiar face. If a nursery reshuffles or replaces its staff on a frequent basis, this communicates a bad sign. One main reason could be that the nursery is not appreciating its staff or may also be treating them poorly. The staff will eventually turn these frustrations to your child; therefore, you should avoid taking your child to such kinds of nurseries.

  1. Poor staff-child ratio

A nursery that has few qualified staff is a bad sign. A teacher should be able to look and take care of all the children under him/her with ease. He/she should give maximum attention to the children and be there for them at all times. A nursery with teachers that are exhausted and overworked makes them function less efficiently.

  1. Low remuneration for staff

A bad nursery pays its staff poorly. This leads to staff having low morale towards work. The underpaid staff will not have the enthusiasm to care for the children. Some nurseries also do not give their staff health insurances and vacations. This makes the staff not want to stick around for a long period which is bad for the development of your child.

  1. Low standards of cleanliness

This should be one of the top signs to watch out for when you want to determine if a nursery is good or bad. Things like food stains on the floor, dust on shelves, dirty or sticky toys, dirty bathrooms and many others clearly indicate poor hygiene of the facility. This may lead to your child becoming sick due to the quick spread of germs.

  1. Safety of the nursery

Nurseries should always put the safety of the children on top of their priority list. Any nursery that has safety issues that may lead to hazard especially to the children should be avoided. Exit routes should be clearly marked and all electrical outlets should be properly sealed. Materials that are toxic should be kept out of reach of the children while an emergency kit should be nearby to take care of any accidents. Strangers should also be far away from the playground to make it safer.

  1. Poor communication

Parents tend to think of their children almost every minute whenever there is a distance separating them. This is normal and therefore calls for an open and effective communication between the nursery and the parents. Any problem or discipline issue that arises should be discussed adequately. A nursery with a poor communication channel is bad for your child.

  1. Under-qualified staff

A nursery whose staff are not qualified is dangerous for your child. Apart from academic qualifications, the staff should also be cleared from any criminal charges, have first aid training and possess other mandatory training. You can inquire from the management on how the training is conducted and how qualified the staff are.

  1. Proper license

A day nursey must have a license that is up-to-date and follows all the rules laid down by the country. A nursery that has been unlicensed or is operating with a license that is expired should be avoided at all costs. The license should be clearly posted for all to see. You should ask for it if in doubt. A properly licensed nursery guarantees a safe and healthy place for your child. Your local service department may also help you to know which nurseries have been licensed.

  1. Reputation of the nursery

This can easily be known through listening to other people’s opinion and feedback about the nursery. Asking questions will also help you know the nursery better including reading online reviews. Many negative responses and reviews will indicate that the nursery is bad and therefore should also be avoided.

  1. A curriculum that is questionable

If you are having trouble finding out what exactly your child is being taught at the nursery, then this is a bad sign. You should be able to know what your child is taught on a daily or weekly basis. The curriculum should also be dynamic and challenging at the same time. Inquire about the daily routine and any outings available for the children. Little hands Little Feet at wwwLittleHandsLittleFeet.org have an education program set out to help your child develop and their day nursery should be one to aspire to.

  1. Nurseries with no rules

Rules help children to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. Bad nurseries lack rules. This may lead to children getting hurt or hurting their classmates. You should inquire for a hardcopy of the rules, any nursery that doesn’t have them should, again, be avoided.

  1. Frequent sickness of children

A bad nursery leads to children getting ill or injured on a frequent basis. These kinds of nurseries encourage the passage of infectious diseases especially when children are playing together. Parents should watch out for signs such as this in order to protect their children.

  1. Dislike of the nursery by your child.

Having conversations about the nursery with your child is very important. There is need to ask your child questions on how he/she is being treated at the nursery. If the child constantly complains or dislikes the nursery, then this may show that the nursery is not a good choice

Why do Kids Quit Playing Sports?


With around 70% of children quitting all forms of organised sports by their 13th birthday, taking a close look into why this is happening is important to ensure kids are engaged and motivated in positive ways and continue to find sports fulfilling throughout their teens and into adulthood.

It is important to note that this isn’t simply a case of losing the children who do not have an early natural aptitude for sports, as many teams and groups are consistently communicating the loss of talented children for a variety of different reasons.

Sports Stop Being Fun

Research conducted by The Aspen Institute has found that 90% of children play sports because it’s fun. A loss of the fun factor will therefore naturally mean that children will move on to something else, and so it is essential to clearly understand the aspects of sports that kids find fun to ensure consistent engagement.

Children participating in the aforementioned study identified trying their best, playing together as a team – which team kits such as the ones that can be seen here https://www.kitking.co.uk/ can help with – and being treated respectfully by coaches as fun, whereas an emphasis on winning and performing in tournaments are less fun. Ensure you are engaging with kids and talking about solutions that will make their sports experience more positive.

Lack of Meaningful Playing Time

Putting on football team kits and stepping out on to the pitch is a rewarding experience, but if children aren’t being given the opportunity or are continually substituted for making small errors, they are going to lose interest and distance themselves from sports. If children are not being appreciated within their team, it is important to find somewhere where their skills will be nurtured and provided with the opportunity to try their best, try new things, and make mistakes in the process.

Happy Children Children Play Fun Playing Sport

Limited Ownership Over Their Sporting Experience

The space and opportunity to make decisions, make mistakes and learn from those experiences is how we all improve, and having your every move scrutinised, whether by coaching staff or parents, can be hugely off-putting. Each child will have different motivations for participating in sports and allowing them to work towards those goals in their own ways is vital for ensuring they are consistently engaged, and aren’t wholly distracted by the motivations of those around them.

Understanding why kids love to climb


From the moment they begin to move around independently, children are fascinated by climbing. They might try to climb on the settee or make mum and dad panic when they try to climb the steep steps to the slide in the park. As much as we want to protect our children from hurting themselves, we have to give them some independence to learn essential skills for growing up. Plus, activities such as climbing are beneficial to both their mental and physical health. Let’s take a look why.

Image Credit

Physical benefits

Although it may seem that the only muscles being worked are the arms, climbing will also provide a workout for the upper and lower body, abdomen and legs. This will help increase the child’s core strength and posture in the long term. The NHS even lists climbing as a great bone strengthening exercise from as soon as a child can walk unaided, which shows that they’re never too young to start.

Mental benefits

The benefits of climbing also include mental development as well as the more obvious physical benefits. Instinctively, children develop their motor skills by figuring out how to get past climbing challenges such as the best route to get to the top of a climbing wall. Climbing is also a great way to stimulate a child through active play and can be a great stress buster too.

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Types of climbing

For climbing activities at home, a wood climbing frame such as those found here wood climbing Frame are a great way for your child to have fun whilst staying active. Parks often have a wood climbing frame with several extras such as rope ladders and monkey bars which are great to help your child test their skills. They may even include a small rock wall which will help develop their hand-eye coordination whilst teaching them balance and planning skills. They will also benefit from increased agility and stamina. If they take a shine to the rock wall, you might even decide to take them to a specialist indoor rock climbing facility, which can be particularly beneficial, especially for older children.

With their inquisitive minds and need to explore, it’s no wonder that children love to climb, hang and swing so much. With excellent physical and mental benefits, who are we to stop them.



In today’s world of fast food and fast living, it’s hard to lose sight of raising a happy and healthy family. As parents, it is even more challenging to encourage a healthy lifestyle when it’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Between school lunch, birthday parties, extracurricular activities, and balancing work and family life, it is sometimes difficult to monitor what our children eat and how we prepare food for them. Who wants to spend 30 minutes prepping dinner when you can have a pizza on your doorstep in half the time? How do you ensure your kids are eating healthy when they aren’t under your supervision?  The truth is you can’t control everything, but that shouldn’t stop you.

 Practice What you Preach

It’s easy to tell your kids to eat healthy when you’re eating a bowl of ice cream as soon as they go to bed. The truth is, you need to practice what you preach. Set some family goals that you can all meet, like starting to take a multivitamin, or swapping after-dinner dessert with a healthy smoothie. As long as you do it together, you will be doing it correctly.

Have Cheat Days

Like with anything else in life, it’s great to be able to have a cheat day occasionally. Don’t use this day as a reward, but more as a way to have fun and connect. You will see below that food should never be used as a reward or as a punishment, but if it’s someone’s birthday or just a fun Friday night, have the ice cream!

Additionally, WebMD suggests the following:

Guide your family’s choices rather than dictate foods

  • Encourage your children to eat slowly
  • Eat meals together as a family as often as possible
  • Involve your children in food shopping and preparing meals
  • Plan for snacks
  • Discourage eating meals or snacks while watching TV
  • Encourage your children to drink more water
  • Try not to use food to punish or reward your children
  • Make sure your children’s meals outside the home are balanced
  • Pay attention to portion size and ingredients

In the end, try and do everything together as a family. The more you show encouragement and appreciation, the more your child will show it back.

Choosing Child Clothes


Babies generally possess tender, sensitive pores and skin which react to almost everything which details it. It’s extremely important to ensure that their clothing in addition to accessories do not trigger outbreaks or any kind of effect on their pores and skin. Natural as well as organic child clothing are actually trendy because they’re created through genuine, non-synthetic materials without using fabricated or even chemical such as inorganic pesticides or even fertilizers.

Looking with regard to toddler garments made from organically created materials will help you safeguard babies skin from holding poisons because of the way organic and natural clothes are usually produced. Organic cotton present in natural and organic apparel is generally grown by utilizing less dangerous systems including crop rotation in addition to actual bodily removal associated with weeds. Through wearing non-toxic clothes, you will be confident that your infant isn’t exposed in order to nasty toxins that could possibly spark an issue to your skin also in order to toddler’s all around health.

Little ones are usually energetic and they have to have sturdier and much more relaxed clothing. Organically developed apparel meant for infants tend to be less hazardous and also more durable and that means you may not have access to to fret greatly if your son or daughter is experimenting in the woman’s organic clothing. Let all of them run free of charge and actually climb upward couches freely within their cute organic and natural clothes. They’re usually long enduring and created for energetic wear so you might feel convenient permitting your own lovable small children explore in addition play using their toys as well as games.

Natural and organic wardrobe with regard to infants may also give you affordable. While they might initially price more in contrast to ordinary child wardrobe, you’ll end up pleasantly impressed to discover that the actual clothes continue to be as powerful and fresh since the time a person initially purchased despite a lot of washes. Regular created natural cotton is needed to experience a number of processes and it is actually susceptible to intensive deterioration before becoming reconstructed because garments therefore it might not be as difficult as organic and natural designed 100 % cotton.

Infant garments constructed from organic and natural material may save just a little money in the long run. Although just a little more expensive than normal infant clothing, the sturdiness within the material helps to ensure that you almost certainly might not have access to to substitute the clothes with completely new ones since they’re far stronger.

When your own infant grows from the clothing, you may keep all of them nice in addition to clean for the following baby. So organic and natural garments with regard to newborns could possibly become a much more financially good in comparison with cheaper normal child apparel.

Generally, when it involves natural and organic clothes, people may believe that the designs and patterns are usually dull as well as rather basic. These times have eliminated by. Newer architectural nowadays enables organic as well as natural apparel to become designed within vibrant colours and innovative plus innovative patterns.

However you’d not need to dress upward your baby in unattractive clothing therefore people may be happy that natural and organic apparel with regard to babies now can be found in adorable, lively styles. So you need to bet that the infant will be safe from harmful toxins while end up being stylish as well as tasteful additionally.

Interest Parents


We are able to only raise our kids to the very best of the ability, but occasionally our capacity as parents isn’t quite adequate. Our goal isn’t to ensure our kids are compliant imitations of ourself, or to produce cute small creatures that people can showcase at each and every possible chance to better the peers. Instead we ought to strive to create young adults who’ve a good outlook along with a potentially satisfying and pleased future in front of them.

With this thought, here tend to be three main parenting mistakes you should attempt your better to avoid:

Error 1: Wrapping your kids in 100 % cotton wool.

Each and every parent is actually, or ought to be, concerned regarding their kid’s safety, but over-protecting your son or daughter from pretty much every potential danger imaginable is a bad idea. Children create important existence skills through playing within an adventurous method, and enforcing safety-first rules in your children from every chance is nor needed neither healthy. Certainly, if your son or daughter is within immediate threat then part of quickly, but a little bit of tree hiking action is excellent fun and offers a great challenge, by having an opportunity with regard to achievement as well as reward. An intermittent frosty-fingers snowball battle might result in shivers as well as tears, but becoming cold for a few days will not really do any kind of harm, and neither will becoming cold mean your son or daughter catches the cold – that certain is the myth. A scraped knee in some places, a bruise or perhaps a cut, wet ft from not really wearing the right footwear within the rain — the checklist could just on permanently. No long-term damage is performed, but an important little training in existence is learned every time. It is very important that our kids learn how to deal with themselves, and you ought to encourage this without having to be neglectful.

Error 2: Thinking for the children.

Little Sally is extremely polite. Sally usually says, “Thank you”, when it’s pertinent to do this. Unfortunately, Sally in no way gets an opportunity to say what of her very own accord simply because her Mother always instructions her to express them. Sally’s Mother, understandably, wants the woman’s daughter to show good ways, but she doesn’t realize that she’s having an adverse impact on the vital a part of Sally’s improvement – a chance to make choices. Children discover through repeating and regularity. Being courteous and showing good ways will result in your child understanding how to do exactly the same. Telling your son or daughter, “Say say thanks to you”, each time it is suitable takes away a number of your child’s capability to think with regard to herself. It’s far easier to give kids room to consider and choose for on their own, with several mistakes on the way, than it’s to contrain their decision-making abilities.

Mistake 3: Letting tv raise your kids.

Television is really a hugely influential a part of our lives which has a massive effect on our options, decisions, as well as behavior, and people of our kids. There tend to be many programs that teach our kids good ethical standpoints, but actually these could be polluted along with dangerous communications. Popular exhibits often tell our kids to laugh in the unfortunate kid using the funny hairstyle, or to enjoy the misery from the girl that looks or even acts dissimilar to what is recognized as normal, and doesn’t have friends due to this. Television teaches our kids that the theif usually appears like a stereotypical theif. It tells our children that laughing in the misfortune associated with others is actually acceptable and also to be urged. Some toons are ultra-violent and neglect to show the actual destructive after-affects associated with violent conduct. Parents spend considerable time educating their own children to become helpful in order to those within need, and sensitive towards the plight associated with others. Television frequently teaches our kids to stage and chuckle when an individual falls more than, and that’s irresponsible as well as unforgivable.

It is a rocky street to achievement, and absolutely no parent may ever obtain everything correct, but understanding the possible damage which seemingly safe parenting is wearing a kid’s welfare is a good step within the right path. Learning brand new skills as well as techniques is an essential part associated with raising pleased, healthy kids, as is actually adapting your techniques to allow for that mistakes that people all help to make.