Are you ready to actualize your dream of becoming a pianist? You might not know what to expect from your piano teacher if it is your first time to take the lessons. Note that piano teachers in NYC are not the same. While some are more lenient and sensitive to students, others are very strict. However, there are things they might never tell you directly. Check out some secrets of learning piano.

You chose a music genre that cannot help in your studies

If your choice of music is not helping your studies, then you are playing piano for the worse. It is important that you use both your heart and mind to choose an appropriate genre in order to play piano for better. Do not just choose a type of music because you are in love with certain artists who do such genres. Your voice should guide you. Nonetheless, be open-minded so you can interpret music from a professional perspective.

You need to upgrade your instrument

You will need a new instrument to show your commitment to piano classes. After all, what’s the need of an old instrument that cannot be tuned? How can you learn effectively if your soundboard is broken and the cords are unsafe? A good keyboard, for example, should have 61 keys, all in place. If you upgrade your piano, you will make a huge difference in your ear training as well as music theory.

You are not optimizing your practice

If your piano tutor is not strict, he might not tell you that your practice is insufficient. If you are new to piano lessons, you might not know clearly if your practice is poor, average, or excellent. You need to know that consistent practice is the only factor that will bring success; otherwise, you could lose the value of the skills you have acquired. What is the point of spending your money on recitals which will become wasted due to lack of practice?

Your absenteeism will have you failing

As mentioned above, consistency is key, even in class attendance. If you take formal classes in a music school, minimize absenteeism as much as you can. Unless you fall sick or occasionally have special events and vacations, do not miss any piano lessons in NYC. There’s so much you are going to lose if you continue escaping classes. Make sure that your attendance is regular and avoid small excuses such as stubbing your toe, attending an event involving a game you barely know, etc. Catching up on your piano lessons is not like other types of school work because you really need the practical aspect and not just the notes.

You can have 3 types of piano teachers in NYC. One teacher tells you naked truth always; he is brutally honest with you. Another one sugarcoats almost everything because he doesn’t want to hurt you. The last teacher is the one who falls in between these two- he tells a bit of the truth, and hides it sometimes. Be careful of teachers who are always showering you with positive compliments. You might never know when you are wrong because your failures will be covered with praises. For you to improve and grow, you need to learn the harsh truth. A sensitive teacher has the best intentions, of course, but they ought to tell you everything you need to hear. Perhaps you should ask your teacher to be more honest with you. they might hurt your feelings but you will learn from your mistakes.

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