Gone are the days when parents have to look after their kids in the playgrounds and in the school. The modern technological world has changed the face of the earth and the living style and the parenting methods of the people of the world. Now parents have to keep an eye on children back and forth at the time when they have gadgets in their hands such as cell phones, tablets and pads and even the computer machines to some extent.

They have to monitor the cell phones in particular because these gadgets are very common among the kids and teens these days. Cyber bullies, stalkers, online predators have made the online world their epicenter. Furthermore, young children mostly become obsessed with the use of smartphones when connected to the internet. They usually got some bad habits such as online dating, and health issues because of excessive use of the digital world. They can set parental control on kids with the help of parental control software.

Use cell phone Parental control app

The parental control android allows parents to monitor child’s cell phone convincingly. It provides user plenty of robust features that allow a user to have to parent when kids owned their own gadgets. Tracking apps for cell phones are the best parenting tool when it comes to parenting. TheOneSpy cell phone tracking software has the user-friendly interface. It is one of the most reasonable parenting apps in terms of price and bundle of features that are very powerful in their assigned task to monitor cell phone activities of kids and teens. It is compatible with all the latest android, IOS, and blackberries mobile phones.   Let’s discuss the entire tool that can help you out in parenting to set parental control on kid’s devices.

Live screen Recording

You can record live screen activities for your kids when they are using the cell phones, tablets and pads. You just need to use the live screen recording of the spy tracking devices for cell phones to set parental control on your kids. You can use Facebook live screen recording, Yahoo live screen recording, and SMS live screen recording, Chrome live screen recording and others. However, you can use the password to get to know the password digits or the pattern of the password. Further, Parents can use YouTube live screen recording.

Text messages spy

Parents can view sent or received text messages on the phone through text messages spy of the spy text app. You can further get your hands on imessages, SMS, MMS, BBM chat messages and heads up ticker notification.

IM’s social media

Parents can track all the social media profiles and activities of kids and teens on all the trendy social messaging apps. You can view IM’s logs, conversations, shared media files such as videos and photos and even can listen to the VOICE calls.

TOS spy 360

The best way is to set parental control on your kids to monitor in such way that you have real-time information. A user can use spy 360 live screen sharing of cell phone spy. A user just need send the push notification on the target phone and the screen of the device will broadcast live into the online dashboard of the cell phone spying software. Parents can view live screen activities for kids the fullest.

Remotely phone controller

Parents can track child cell phone when something running odd, they can remotely block internet to stop the activity. However, a user can block incoming calls from strangers, view installed apps and block text messages.

Spy on calls

Parents can record and listen to the calls incoming or outgoing on kids smartphone gadgets. They just need to use the secret phone call recorder and then they can store the recorded material in the web portal.


You can capture screenshots remotely by using the phone tracker app. it will help you out to have photos to all of the activities kids and teens have performed on the smartphone screen.

Browsing History

Get to know all the visited websites on the phone browser and even the websites those have been bookmarked by your kids and teens.


Set parental control on your kids’ activities of gadgets running with the different operating systems such an android, IOS and blackberries by using the phone monitoring app.


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