Pest invasions are serious and should not be taken lightly. Pests can cause so many different health problems that are dangerous for families with small children. Whether you are concerned about your children being bitten by spiders, stung by wasps, or infected by a dirty rodent, there are signs that you can watch for that will help protect your children and make your home a safe, clean space for them to grow up. NOLA Pest Control has given us some advice about things we can watch for inside of our homes.

Mouse Droppings

It may seem like common sense, but often times rodent droppings go unnoticed. If you are suspecting that there may be mice inside of your home you should check around of droppings. Mice are not likely going to leave droppings in the middle of your rooms. You need to check in drawers and behind pieces of furniture. Mouse droppings are very small, black specks. There will be many of them in the area. You should not touch the droppings with your bare hands as mice carry many diseases. You should also be sure to disinfect the area where you found the droppings.

Insecure Wood

You should check the strength of your wood periodically. Many homeowners are unaware of the damage that can be caused by termites taking up residence at their home. Termites can quickly destroy the structure of your home if you are not on top of them. Knocking on the wood around your home is any easy way to tell if there are termites living nearby. If the wood sounds hollow or feels weak there is a good chance that there are termites eating away at the wood. You should not mess around with termites.

Spider Nests

Spiders can be very scary for little children. Not only are they likely to be scared by the spiders, they can also become very sick if they are bitten by a spider that is poisonous inside of your home. Spiders are easy to spot inside of your home since they often leave their spiderwebs all over the home. If you are noticing spider webs in your home, you should be sure that you contact a pest control company to come in and address what spiders are in your home and decide how they are going to get them out of your home.

Pests can be dangerous for your family to live amongst. Being aware of the signs of pests inside of your home can help you manage them before they become a problem for your family.

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