It’s often said in the world of showbiz, never work with children or animals. However, there is a lot to be said for working with children as they can bring out the very best in us grown-ups although it’s by no means an easy job. Here are some reasons why having a career that involves kids might not be such a bad thing after all:

  • It’s always playtime

Play is good for you, it’s a scientific fact and us adults don’t do enough of it. Working with children forces you to play and you can’t help but enjoy yourself. They will bring out that inner child that you thought had grown up long ago. Kids want to reach out, be included and will revel in your attention. So, play a game of tag or hide and seek and see how much better it makes you feel. Both physically and mentally, it’s good for you.

  • Happy to see you

How many of us get to enter work each day and be greeted by a sea of happy, excited faces? Genuine ‘good mornings’ and smiley ‘helloes’ beats any surly grunt from a miserable co-worker any day. They also have a way of making your life and stories seem fascinating, constantly questioning what you’ve been doing and asking how to do something that they’ve seen you do. Nowhere else will you get that level of interest and interaction. Kids can make you feel really special.

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  • Time Flies

When you’re working with kids, you’ll never be found clock-watching, desperately urging the hands to move faster towards home time. You’ll look at the time and wonder what on earth happened to the day. Time flies when you’re having fun or extremely busy – or both! A job with kids could see you supervising activities, making crafts, teaching, playing games and tons of other fun stuff so you’ll be amazed at how quickly the working day passes. If this sounds appealing then why not consider a career working with kids? You’ll need energy, patience and a CRB Check. For more information, visit

  • Shaping the future

Not many jobs offer the chance to make a lasting and valuable impression on a young mind. It’s a great responsibility but a wonderful opportunity to shape a life, make a bond and encourage that young person to grow in confidence, self-esteem and independence. That’s why working with children is such a unique privilege. Not all days will be this rosy, there will be some days where you feel frustrated and tired but the good days will far outweigh those.

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  • Imagination

Kids have an amazing ability to come up with unique, inspiring, crazy and brilliant ideas when they are given the chance. They can look at a problem and create a solution that adults would never have considered. Their curiosity and imagination is infectious and enables us to approach the world in new ways, try new methods and learn to keep an open mind. You think you know it all but a child will come along and teach you something new every day of the week! What other job can boast that?

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