Safety of your child in a car is really important due to the huge number of road accidents. For this purpose, you have to choose the best seat for your child. A car seat should be installed properly. In order to avoid the unnecessary injury of your child, your child should be strapped correctly into the car. To protect your child from car accidents you should make sure that your child has perfectly secure.

Types of Car Seats:

There are many kinds of car seats models and brands. It hard to choose one of the best car seats. The best car seat depends on the age and weight of your child.

  • Car Seat for Infant babies:

The secure and good car seat for your newborn baby is an infant car seat which is rear facing. The best infant car seat is designed to provide good protection to babies. They are lighter and easy to use. The weight range for rare facing car seat starts from 4 pounds to 35-pound maximum.

  • Infant Convertible Car Seat for Babies:

This seat has a five-point harness system. It is a rare facing and also forwarding system. It allows you to convert from rear facing to forwarding facing. This type of seat can save your money. The weight range of your baby for this car seat start from 45 pounds to 80 pounds. Height range starts from 19” minimum to 53” maximum.

  • Convertible Front Facing Car Seat for Babies:

The convertible front facing car seat include booster seat. It is best for the kids whose weight is 20 lb up to 40 lbs and age limit is above one year old.

Tips for Choosing the Best Child Car Seat:

After observing the types of cars seat which is available in the market for your child. There are some tips for choosing the best car seat for your child.

  • Choose those car seats which are easy to install.
  • Know the weight of your child. The weight specification is given above in the article.
  • Check prices and purchase a good quality of the seat.
  • While shopping the car seat make sure that it fits in your vehicle.
  • Always ensure that seat which you purchase is comfortable for your child.

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