Babies are blessings in disguise. The moment its arrival is confirmed, everyone dances in joy for it brings along a lot of happiness. Well, this is true that we don’t get to choose the time when we really need to have a baby and many times the news is more like a surprise as we didn’t decide on this. There is another fact associated with pregnancy and babies that we don’t get to choose the gender and it is all God’s planning to give us what we have in our faith. This is the common truth we all have accepted until now.  Yes, now there are ways through which you can choose the sex of our baby that too naturally.

Tips To Choose Your Baby Sex Naturally

It is not about being biased of having a girl or a boy precisely. It is more about the wish. Many people dream to have a baby girl as their first child. Other times, couples either have only boys or girls. It makes them wish to have a girl or a boy as their children. There may be claims that one can choose the sex of the baby at the time of conceiving through scientific ways, but it can have its own drawbacks. So today, we will walk on another road and will discuss how to choose the sex of your baby naturally. Read on to explore:

  • Timing of Sex

Yes, it does affect the gender of your baby to a great extent. As proved, the sperm of female are comparatively heavier than that of the male sperms and also live longer. If you have sex a few days prior to the ovulation and then refrain from having sex, it will increase the chance of having a baby girl. By this time, the make sperms would have died.

In case of wishing for a buy then having sex on the day of ovulation will be beneficial.

  • Dietary Program

The food you eat at the time of planning a child and thinking of conceiving largely affects the gender of the baby. So, you must keep a watch on your dietary program. If you want a boy, then you must consume potassium so try including apricots, meat, celery, and bananas. In case of wishing for a girl child then eat food rich with magnesium. Include soya beans, green leafy vegetables, and nuts in your meal.

  • pH Monitoring

pH monitoring is extremely important for having a healthy baby, but it can help choose the sex of your baby as well. pH is the alkaline or acidity of the cervical mucus and sperm. Female sperm carries X-chromosome and it does well in the acidic environment while male sperm has Y-chromosome which does well in the alkaline environment. Testing of pH level can help you know the sex of the baby even at the initial stage and you can adjust at the right time if you want to change it.

There are more natural ways through which you can select the gender of your baby and you should learn about gender selection methods in details for the desired results.


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