You take pride in your business and the products and services you sell, but you could not do it without your employees. There are many ways to lift morale by showing your appreciation for your personnel short of well-earned promotions and raises. Even small efforts can make a big impact. Here are some ideas to start with.

  1. Recognize Service and Accomplishments

Set up a bulletin board where you can post employees of the month or special accomplishments of various employees. Alternatively you could send a monthly email newsletter outlining the same information. There may be other monthly achievements you could mark as well. This may have the added bonus of encouraging other employees to shoot for similar goals.

  1. An Appropriate Gift

National Administrative Professionals’ Day does not just need to be for those employees with higher privilege. It is a day when every person who devotes their life to working in your company could be celebrated. There are some unique corporate gift baskets filled with everything from candy to cheeses to specialty teas that would be welcome on any desk. Such a gift would also be a great choice for a Christmas or holiday gift or to celebrate special accomplishments, or even as a get well or bereavement gift for employees facing difficult circumstances.

  1. Remember Birthdays

Make a note of birthdays or work anniversaries. A simple card on their desk or personal message in their email would let employees know that you are aware of them and appreciate their contributions to the work effort. You know the old saying, they won’t care what you know until they know that you care. Such a small token, but it can carry a big impact.

  1. Give Them a Break

Once in a while, order pizza or sub sandwiches for the lunchroom, or donuts for a break. This may be a small token but will show that you care about your employees. Make it a habit for the first Thursday of the month or other such regularly scheduled times that employees can look forward to. Give them an extra fifteen minutes for lunch or let them off an hour early the last of the week.

Whatever efforts you make to show your personnel that they are a valued and appreciated part of the success of the business will be received with gratitude and will go a long way to building loyalty and contentment with their jobs. It can create a win-win situation you can both benefit from.

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