It can be nerve-wracking, particularly for a first-time parents without a baby nurse, to have a newborn during winter. Most parents fear that the infant might suffer from pneumonia, frostbite or hypothermia and that is when overprotective instinct kicks in, and you feel the need to keep the fragile, tiny newborn safe and warm at all times. Here are the tips on how to make sure that your baby stays healthy throughout the winter period.

Ø  Frequently, clean your hands

During winter, flu and colds are common and can be passed to your child through hands. Use a hand sanitizers if you cannot wash your hands. You should let visitors observe this precaution too.

Ø  Keep the infant in a warm room

Maintain adequate ventilation and warm temperatures in the baby’s room. Do not let cold air into the nursery especially at night neither should you over-heat the child’s room as too much heat increases the SIDS risks. You can also use a humidifier to help the child’s skin maintain moisture. When sleeping, remove blankets and pillows from the crib as they increase SIDS risks.

Ø  Dress appropriately

Dress your baby in an extra layer of clothing on top of what you could feel comfortable wearing in the same weather. Their bodies cannot regulate temperatures, and if you dress them in layers, it will be easier for you to control the temperature.

Ø  Use baby products sparingly

The dry and cold winter weather damages the skin. Using too much baby products can strip the baby’s skin of moisture, and severe dryness can cause rashes. Instead of using body washes, shampoos and soaps, opt for regular simple water baths and a once per week mild soap bath.

Ø  Breastfeed your child

Breast milk helps boost your child’s immunity. Breastfeeding will, therefore, keep infections and cold at bay. The recommended period of breastfeeding a child is six months with no food supplements.

Ø  Do not skip vaccination

Vaccination helps your little one stay safe from diseases that can strike on the cold term. If you skip an immunization, check in with your doctor to arrange for a vaccination.

Ø  Moisturize the newborn’s skin

Moisturizing will help your child restore and prevent the natural oils from being stripped of her skin. Use mild skin lotion or cream for infants. Clarified butter and Milk cream can be used to massage the skin. You can ask the baby’s doctor if there are any particular recommendations.

Ø  Massage your baby

Massaging your baby will improve blood circulation which in return keep your baby warm. Also, the baby’s immunity will improve. Use almond, coconut or olive oil to massage the child. Keep all the doors and windows closed and the room warm during the massage.

Ø  Use certain appliances carefully

Appliances such as generators, gas or charcoal grills and cooking stoves emit carbon monoxide which is lethal, and the effects are rapid in children than adults. During a power outage, use these appliances in a way that do not affect your newborn.

These tips will help you take care of your newborn healthily and safely during the severe winter season. In case the baby catches a cold or flu, seek medical attention immediately. You can hire a baby nurse to take care of your new born at an affordable price from the various nanny agencies found in NYC.


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