Keeping track of physical fitness and activity isn’t just for adults. In fact, even if your kids spend a ton of time running around and playing outside, it’s important to encourage and reward active habits early, such as running, stretching, and more active games. One of the best ways to incentivize kids’ activity time is to give them a fun gadget such as a fitness tracker for children to turn exercise into a fun, goal-oriented process. This will help kids get interested in sports early while paving the way for healthier practices in their adult lives. But with so many options out there for kid’s activity trackers, how to choose the best one? If you’re stuck, here are some ways to find the best kids fitbit for your emerging athlete.

Read Reviews

While not every online review is trustworthy, you should be able to get a good consensus about a certain product or brand by reading reviews on Amazon or direct from the manufacturer website. If you start seeing criticisms of the same thing, avoid the product. For instance, if you keep seeing that the battery life on a device is low, or that the warranty isn’t the best, you might want to save your money. However, if you’re just looking for something fun that will help get your kid in the mood, you might want to overlook some of the more surface-level complaints and go for a cost-effective product that gets the job done. Look for devices that come with some kind of internet connectivity for an interactive element. Helping your kid discover physical fitness and activity doesn’t have to come at the cost of screen time, and it’s important for your kid to understand that. Many kid-focused fitbits also come with age-specific activities, so be sure you’re paying attention to the suggested age range.

Don’t Overspend

As you may have already noticed, the price tag for a lot of these devices can be pretty steep, especially if you’re getting a fitbit that has games on it. If you decide to spend your money on a more expensive device, make sure you’re spending on things you need in a tracker, like a long-lasting battery and a reliable tracker that doesn’t accidentally count steps while sitting or in the car. Don’t overspend on features that seem fun or on design aspects that look like they’ll entice your kid to spend more time outdoors. The reality is, no matter how cute your fitbit tracker is, it’s not going to replace a phone or a computer. That’s not the point: You want to get something that’s reliable and works great, not something that will magically get your kid up and moving. If you can find a bare-bones fitbit tracker that gets the job done, you can spend the extra cash on finding fun incentives to get your kid outdoors, such as family camping trips or classes for your kid.

Understand Your Child’s Preferences

All physical activity won’t feel the same for your child. We all have our preferences. If you’re a runner, you might not enjoy less cardio-heavy activities like yoga or swimming, and if you’re someone who enjoys gymnastics or weight training, running might not be for you. Your child might not know their preferences yet, so it helps to get a tracker that will help expose them to different activities. For instance, if your kid is older and can go with you to the gym, you’ll want to get a tracker that’s able to count elliptical movements as steps. If your kid is a born swimmer, invest in a waterproof fitbit so that they can swim to their heart’s content. For runners or kids who enjoy taking walks or playing outside, a standard fitbit will probably do the trick. As long as you’re not making assumptions about your child’s interests, you’ll be on the right track.

Choose Something Fun

If you want regular exercise to be an actual habit and not just an enforced phase, you have to make it fun. And while making workouts fun is a challenge even for adults, you can find ways to get your kids a bit more jazzed about putting down their screens and devices and getting outdoors with help from the right fitbit. That’s why it’s important to expose your kid to a range of activities. Who knows what they’ll end up loving! No matter what, choose a device that’s going to keep things fun rather than making sports and activities seem like a chore.

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