Your health is your biggest asset in the whole world. If you have your health, then you can do anything that you want in your life. However, a lot of times, people deal with tough luck and they have no say in it. A lot of people get sick at a very young age by no fault of their own.  In such cases, all you can do is pray for the best and start treatment right away. However, there are some diseases and health issues that mostly occur when you are at an old age. No matter what kind of disease and medical problem you are dealing with, the right treatment is the key to handling that issue and to get rid of the problem eventually. The same is the case with the people who suffer from hip joint pain. Hip problems and pins can happen to anyone and there are a lot of different reasons why this happens. There are different treatments for this issue as well, depending on the severity of the damage to the hip bone and joint as well as the pain.

Following are some ways to deal with hip pain.

Pain relief medication:

There are a lot of people that suffer from hip pain, but the intensity of the pain is different. If there is only slight pain and discomfort, then a lot of people use pain relief medication. This is in the case that there is a muscle strain or a tendon strain. In such case, these pain relief tablets, as well as anti-inflammatory medication, will work as well.


In case of hip pain and inflammation, a lot of people also ice their hip joint to reduce the inflammation. Just hold a pack of ice to the inflamed area and that should reduce the pain. You can also take warm baths to soothe and stretch your muscles. A lot of athletes also try this icing treatment and if it works for them, it will work for your hip joint pain as well.


A lot of people cause more damage to their hip joint when they hear from other people that you should still exercise when you have hip pain, or it will become more stiff and painful. These people, then do all the wrong exercises and cause more damage to their hip. Rest is important when you have hip pain, but so is exercise. But this exercise needs to be carried out with the help of a physical therapist who will know the right exercises that will be good for your hip.

Hip replacement:

Another option in treating hip pains and hip joint issues is the hip replacement procedure. In this case, the entire hip is replaced with a new one. This happens in the cases where the hip is completely damaged and there is no way you can treat it through other options. A lot of times, people who suffer from a hip fracture have to go through this procedure as well.

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