Postpartum baby blues is a very common experience among new mothers. Even those with several children receive the same overwhelming rollercoaster of emotions that follows each birth. For most moms, the baby blues will pass within a few weeks. During those long days (and nights), there are steps you can take to ensure a gentle transition.

Join a Support Group

Many mothers ignore or keep their baby blues hidden from others, feeling guilty for not being full of pure maternal bliss. But struggling with the baby blues gets worse in isolation. It is so important for all new moms to remember that they are never alone. If you want, you can join an online mommy support group or find someone you can talk to about your feelings.

Work With Your Natural Hormones

Tap into your body’s natural chemicals by initiating continuous skin-to-skin contact with your baby. Research shows that skin-to-skin contact develops and strengthens a chemical bond between mother and baby. Even though you may feel sad, anxious, and fatigued, try to maintain consistent time with your baby where she lies on your bare chest.

Keep Your Baby Close With a Carrier

Of course, this is not only doable while lying in bed. Especially if you have other children, you will need free hands as you move about the house or run daily errands. Keep your newborn close to you with a well-made ergonomic baby carrier. The carrier will keep your infant safe, secure, and close to your chest—a baby’s favorite place to be!

Resist the Urge to Stay Indoors

If the weather permits it, spend time outside. Sunshine and natural Vitamin D are wonderful antidotes to sadness, and you’ll feel better getting out in the fresh air. You’ll want to keep your baby covered, so wear a large sun hat or purchase an umbrella or covering that covers you and your baby.

Treat Yourself

Now is not the time to think about losing the baby weight! Handle yourself very tenderly during those first few postpartum weeks. Avoid stepping on the scale or trying to squeeze in your pre-pregnancy pants. You can use a snack delivery service, filling the box with your favorite treats so you and your partner won’t have to think about stocking up. It is important to allow yourself a daily indulgence with food. This can be a simple way to combat the roller coaster of emotions brought on by the baby blues.

Surround Yourself With Your Favorite People

Be comfortable in feeling selective of who spends the most time with you. You know which people in your life bring on more anxiety and stress than others. You don’t have to let people touch and hold your baby, but it can help to have your favorite people visiting you after birth.  Naturally cheerful people can help lift your spirits, helping your baby blues fade.

No matter what steps you take, try to be gentle and forgiving of yourself as your body and mind adjust to the changes you are experiencing.

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