Keep in mind, that every baby is going to be different. Some babies will deal with the intense teething issues, and some will deal with something far more moderate. Below you will find some helpful tips for parents who deal with teething issues.

1)The Teething Ring

The rings are there to provide comfort for pain. It gives your baby something to focus on something other than the pain. One recommendation for the rings is to place them in the fridge. It is going to do a lot of damage to keep them frozen.

Your baby crunches down on the frozen ring and they will be dealing with other more serious gum issues. The last thing you want to do is tie the ring around their neck. Babies are young. They have no idea what is right and wrong. They do not understand that a ring around their neck could choke and/or kill them. It is up to the parents to know better.

2)The Chewing Problem

One major sign of a teething baby is when they look for something to chew on. They could start to chew on their fingers or something else. Babies who are 6 months and older can chew on some fruits and vegetables, as long as their teeth and gums can handle it.

Do you have any breadsticks lying around the house? Get one out and thaw. Make sure it is warm. Give it your baby to chew on. One thing you do need to do is stay close. The last thing you want is to walk away (assuming that everything is good).

Find something for your baby to chew on that lacks sugar. Too much sugar can rot their teeth at an early age(even if they have just 3-4).


Some parents like to use gels. There is very little evidence to back these claims up right now. You should try some of the above tips first before you resort to medical gels.

You also want to make sure the gels are designed for your child.

What about the general oral relief gels? Those are generally unadvisable for small kids. The first thing you can do is talk to your child’s doctor. Ask your pharmacist about recommendations.

What about the homeopathic gels? You only use the ones licensed through the UK(if you use them at all).

The unlicensed gels they sell online will lead to serious health issues later.

4)Some Other Tips

Try rubbing their gums with a clean finger. Wipe the drool coming from their mouth. That will reduce the chances of a rash developing.

What about ibuprofen? It should be sugar-free. Your child should also be three months and older to have the medication. No child below the age of 16 should have aspirin.

Always consult your doctor concerning questions and concerns.

You can also find more information online and download some of the baby apps for help.

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