We all know that babies need quite a lot of sleep and initially within the first 2 years of their lives, they will spend more time sleeping rather than doing any other task. Does your baby sleep in a cot? If answered yes, the foremost thing that you need to keep in mind is cot safety. Cots and cribs are certainly the best places where your child might lie down in peace and go off to sleep but if you make the mistake of choosing a wrong cot, you’re definitely going to have a nagging baby throughout the night.

There are few safety features of few cots which offer them a rather safer sleep environment. Read on to know what you should watch out for when you choose a cot. Check out where to buy baby bassinets.

The grave task of choosing a cot for your baby

Besides considering the look and design of the cot, you should also ensure that the cot is safe. Does it comply with the safety standards of the country? Here are few things to keep in mind.

  • Deciding on the cot frame

You have to take into account the depth of the cot, whether the cot bars are horizontal or vertical, and the distance between the bars and whether the cot has got bars on all 4 sides. Experts suggest that cots with bars on all 4 sides are more protective for the baby when it goes off to sleep.

  • Selecting the appropriate cot mattress

In case you’re thinking of using a used cot mattress, you shouldn’t as buying a new mattress is necessary. Check whether or not the mattress is clean, free of tears and is dry. The mattresses should be kept in the cleanest way possible and if needed you could even use the mattress protector.

  • The cot mattress should be firm

The mattress of the cot certainly has to be firm enough with an added layer of waterproof material in case the baby pees in it. It should always be wiped clean so that the baby doesn’t include any bacteria or infection from dirt. The mattress of the cot should even be free from sagging and tears.

Maintaining the sleep space of the baby

Now that you know how to choose the best cot for your baby, you should always try to keep the baby space simple and plain and there shouldn’t be any heavy bedding placed on top of it. Don’t use toys or pillows as they can get in the way of obstructing the breathing process of your kid.

Consider the temperature of the room

Whichever room you place your cot in, the room temperature should be set at 16-20 Celsius as this is the most ideal temperature. Include a room thermometer and keep monitoring the room temperature for best results.

Therefore, whenever you’re thinking of cot safety, make sure you keep in mind the above mentioned safety tips and strategies to make sure your baby is safe and can sleep in peace throughout the night.

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