Having your child at a day nursery gives you a lot of time to concentrate on other pressing issues. Every parent’s dream is to take his/her child to the best day nursery possible. But what are some of the signs of a bad nursery? This article will explain to you 15 warning signs of a bad day nursery.

  1. Failure to address concerns

The staff of a day nursery should always be ready to listen to concerns raised by parents. If they are dismissing or ignoring your concerns or any other parent’s concern then this should give you a sign that the nursery is bad. Other things you should look out for include; the staff being overly defensive and rude.

  1. Attitude problem among the staff

Children enjoy an atmosphere that is filled with joy and happiness. A nursery in which the teachers handle the children in a rough way or with cold stares should be avoided at all costs. This also includes teachers who do not care for the children and may reach an extent of bullying the children.

  1. High staff turnover

Most children love being taken care of by a familiar face. If a nursery reshuffles or replaces its staff on a frequent basis, this communicates a bad sign. One main reason could be that the nursery is not appreciating its staff or may also be treating them poorly. The staff will eventually turn these frustrations to your child; therefore, you should avoid taking your child to such kinds of nurseries.

  1. Poor staff-child ratio

A nursery that has few qualified staff is a bad sign. A teacher should be able to look and take care of all the children under him/her with ease. He/she should give maximum attention to the children and be there for them at all times. A nursery with teachers that are exhausted and overworked makes them function less efficiently.

  1. Low remuneration for staff

A bad nursery pays its staff poorly. This leads to staff having low morale towards work. The underpaid staff will not have the enthusiasm to care for the children. Some nurseries also do not give their staff health insurances and vacations. This makes the staff not want to stick around for a long period which is bad for the development of your child.

  1. Low standards of cleanliness

This should be one of the top signs to watch out for when you want to determine if a nursery is good or bad. Things like food stains on the floor, dust on shelves, dirty or sticky toys, dirty bathrooms and many others clearly indicate poor hygiene of the facility. This may lead to your child becoming sick due to the quick spread of germs.

  1. Safety of the nursery

Nurseries should always put the safety of the children on top of their priority list. Any nursery that has safety issues that may lead to hazard especially to the children should be avoided. Exit routes should be clearly marked and all electrical outlets should be properly sealed. Materials that are toxic should be kept out of reach of the children while an emergency kit should be nearby to take care of any accidents. Strangers should also be far away from the playground to make it safer.

  1. Poor communication

Parents tend to think of their children almost every minute whenever there is a distance separating them. This is normal and therefore calls for an open and effective communication between the nursery and the parents. Any problem or discipline issue that arises should be discussed adequately. A nursery with a poor communication channel is bad for your child.

  1. Under-qualified staff

A nursery whose staff are not qualified is dangerous for your child. Apart from academic qualifications, the staff should also be cleared from any criminal charges, have first aid training and possess other mandatory training. You can inquire from the management on how the training is conducted and how qualified the staff are.

  1. Proper license

A day nursey must have a license that is up-to-date and follows all the rules laid down by the country. A nursery that has been unlicensed or is operating with a license that is expired should be avoided at all costs. The license should be clearly posted for all to see. You should ask for it if in doubt. A properly licensed nursery guarantees a safe and healthy place for your child. Your local service department may also help you to know which nurseries have been licensed.

  1. Reputation of the nursery

This can easily be known through listening to other people’s opinion and feedback about the nursery. Asking questions will also help you know the nursery better including reading online reviews. Many negative responses and reviews will indicate that the nursery is bad and therefore should also be avoided.

  1. A curriculum that is questionable

If you are having trouble finding out what exactly your child is being taught at the nursery, then this is a bad sign. You should be able to know what your child is taught on a daily or weekly basis. The curriculum should also be dynamic and challenging at the same time. Inquire about the daily routine and any outings available for the children. Little hands Little Feet at wwwLittleHandsLittleFeet.org have an education program set out to help your child develop and their day nursery should be one to aspire to.

  1. Nurseries with no rules

Rules help children to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. Bad nurseries lack rules. This may lead to children getting hurt or hurting their classmates. You should inquire for a hardcopy of the rules, any nursery that doesn’t have them should, again, be avoided.

  1. Frequent sickness of children

A bad nursery leads to children getting ill or injured on a frequent basis. These kinds of nurseries encourage the passage of infectious diseases especially when children are playing together. Parents should watch out for signs such as this in order to protect their children.

  1. Dislike of the nursery by your child.

Having conversations about the nursery with your child is very important. There is need to ask your child questions on how he/she is being treated at the nursery. If the child constantly complains or dislikes the nursery, then this may show that the nursery is not a good choice

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