What I first experienced the dreaded “pregnancy mask,” I became extremely self-conscious. The brown spots taking over my skin were embarrassing. I wanted to hide. So, I did. I bought tons of beauty products to mask my mask. I spent hours learning how to do my makeup differently via YouTube to cover my pigmentation issues.

I looked up melasma treatments and struggled to get good results. I discussed my skin concerns with my doctors. It seemed like I was never going to be able to leave the house with a makeup-free face again. But, then, I made a discovery that changed everything.

I Made Some Lifestyle Changes

First, I stopped taking my birth control. I learned that melasma is directly related to hormone changes. It appeared because of pregnancy. Since hormone changes trigger melasma, I decided to stop taking birth control while I was trying to treat my issue. After discussing it with my doctor, this was the right choice for me.

I Practiced Sun Safety

Then, I started practicing sun safety more than ever before. I began to use daily sunscreen and wore sunhats and sunglasses. Even when I started to see positive results, I continued to use sunscreen daily. Melasma can easily return as a result of sun exposure. I do not want to risk it!

I Found a Melasma Treatment That Worked

Finally, I hesitated to use many of the products on the market because of the possible side effects. However, I learned about Cysteamine cream, which is a safe alternative of hydroquinone. I was thrilled to discover Cysteamine cream was the melasma treatment I had been searching for. Within less than six weeks of just using the cream once a day, I began to see the results!

Now, I only use the Cysteamine cream twice a week to maintain my complexion, along with a daily SPF. I no longer feel like I must hide my skin behind makeup.

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