The one and only purpose of a parenting class is to make parents feel more involved, focused and connected with their child. If you are looking for tools, strategies and advice on raising your children, then parenting classes can come to your rescue.

If you are concerned about joining one, know that the other participants will be just like you looking for ideas to tackle parenting issues experienced in daily life.

Parenting classes teach you how to take care of infants, toddlers and teenagers. A parenting class also prepares new parents for the upcoming future, making them feel more confident about their decisions. So, if you are still wondering whether you should take a parenting class or not, read below to make up your mind.

Expecting parents

It is completely normal to feel anxious about being a first-time parent, as you’re about to bring a child into the world. To be honest, the experience is exciting and scary all at the same time. A lot of parents handle the pressure by enrolling themselves in childbirth and newborn care classes.

This is mainly because the class helps you gain knowledge about labour, teaches how to cope up with it, explains about the delivery process, pain medications, medical procedures and unexpected things the women are going through during labour and throughout the recovery period.

Well, the infant care classes fall under the same category and teaches about the caring routine for expecting parents. The class takes you through various process like feeding, bathing, soothing and finally making your baby fall asleep. Some expecting parents also learn about how to give CPR, as it turns out to be helpful during unforeseen circumstances.

Infant classes

These are the classes that offer guidance and support to parents who have recently had a baby. By enrolling yourself for these classes, you can make new friends in your locality who have children the same age as yours.

A lot of new moms also take infant classes to understand how to breastfeed and nurse their baby the right way. On the other hand, some infant classes teach new parents how to support the natural development of their kids through music, massage, tummy time and movement.

Child behavioural development classes

A lot of classes are tailored to understand deeply about child development stages and issues that come your way when they’re around 0 to 5 years old. There also are classes that provide information about how to deal with potty training, tantrums, sleeping issues, sibling rivalry and other behavioural patterns.

These classes can be undertaken by parents along with their children from various age groups, as raising a teenage child is as difficult as it is with a toddler.

Where to enrol oneself for a parenting class?

Parenting classes are offered at places like preschools, hospital, paediatricians office, social service facility and on the Internet. You can even a get a recommendation from a gynaecologist for classes that provide information on childbirth, infant care and support from new mom.

Childbirth, labour and delivery, and infant classes are the most costly ones, especially in urban cities. But parenting classes that are broken down in series classes are costlier as compared to a one-time class.

However, there are certain parenting classes that are offered in a different format, like an online parenting conference. The main advantage of such a class is, parents can attend them without leaving the comforts of their home and schedule it according to their needs.

While you might have to pay for some classes, there are some of them that are free of cost. If you are not able to attend a class, look out for a webinar or Facebook Live event that can help you get your query solved by attending it from home, office or while you are on a vacation.

Parenting classes can be the best way to learn about child development, increase your confidence and improve your relationship with your child and spouse. And while you are preparing for parenting, one more thing that can increase your confidence is knowing your family’s future is safe. Ensure this by getting an insurance or making a Will. Search on the Internet about the right insurance and learn how to make a will at home, as it will make your family’s future safe and give you the much-needed peace of mind.

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