Married couple who want to file for divorce in the court needs to consult an expert divorce lawyer. Going through divorce isn’t an easy process, often spouses to be separated are not aware about the right ways to apply for the divorce without much complications. Thus, consulting a well-recognized lawyer specialized in divorce cases becomes quite essential.

Before meeting the lawyer, you have shortlisted after considering all the aspects of choosing the best one, you need to finalize certain matters.

The matters to consider before meeting your lawyer are:

  • Whether the time of meeting is suitable for you – The meeting will surely take considerable time to finish. So, make sure that you have few hours to spend without stress.
  • Don’t try to involve your children in the meeting – As the issues discussed will surely concern adults, you may not be able to focus on the meeting.
  • It will be helpful to know whether you need anything to show in the meeting for the lawyer to process your divorce case without any complication in the court.
  • To know the first consultation fees will help in being prepared beforehand. However, some reputable lawyers do the first consultation free of charge.

During the first meeting with the lawyer there is often a source of confusion as you have lot of questions to ask your lawyer to know it’s appropriate answers and to reduce your anxieties.

Few questions often put forward by to be divorced couple to their attorney:

  • How much the whole proceedings of divorce will cost?
    • Besides the lawyer fee, you may need to pay additional charges to a third assisting party for filing your documents, court processing fees, process server charges and sometimes you may even need to pay the witness.
  • How will the fees of the legal help be calculated?
    • Most often the lawyers charge in accordance to the hourly work done by them and their associates. In some reliable firms, there is fixed fees termed for a phase of the case.
  • Will a trial attorney or transactional attorney will be suitable to handle the case satisfactorily?
    • In multiple cases, the expertise of both kind of lawyers’ will be helpful to win the case.
  • Will the case need to be solved only in the court?
    • Often lawyers try to solve the case out of the court. If the couple is ready for settlement process, then the appointed attorney helps in finishing the case as per their wish. However, in some cases, litigation of the whole proceedings becomes necessary in the first phase itself.
  • Can we both prefer to appoint the same lawyer?

If only an agreement needs to be legalized both can consult the same lawyer. However, both need to have different lawyers to present their case in the court.

An expert lawyer handling only divorce cases is a counselor as well act as an advisor. Hence, they will readily answer all type of common divorce questions put forward by spouses planning to dissolve their marriage.



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