From the moment they begin to move around independently, children are fascinated by climbing. They might try to climb on the settee or make mum and dad panic when they try to climb the steep steps to the slide in the park. As much as we want to protect our children from hurting themselves, we have to give them some independence to learn essential skills for growing up. Plus, activities such as climbing are beneficial to both their mental and physical health. Let’s take a look why.

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Physical benefits

Although it may seem that the only muscles being worked are the arms, climbing will also provide a workout for the upper and lower body, abdomen and legs. This will help increase the child’s core strength and posture in the long term. The NHS even lists climbing as a great bone strengthening exercise from as soon as a child can walk unaided, which shows that they’re never too young to start.

Mental benefits

The benefits of climbing also include mental development as well as the more obvious physical benefits. Instinctively, children develop their motor skills by figuring out how to get past climbing challenges such as the best route to get to the top of a climbing wall. Climbing is also a great way to stimulate a child through active play and can be a great stress buster too.

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Types of climbing

For climbing activities at home, a wood climbing frame such as those found here wood climbing Frame are a great way for your child to have fun whilst staying active. Parks often have a wood climbing frame with several extras such as rope ladders and monkey bars which are great to help your child test their skills. They may even include a small rock wall which will help develop their hand-eye coordination whilst teaching them balance and planning skills. They will also benefit from increased agility and stamina. If they take a shine to the rock wall, you might even decide to take them to a specialist indoor rock climbing facility, which can be particularly beneficial, especially for older children.

With their inquisitive minds and need to explore, it’s no wonder that children love to climb, hang and swing so much. With excellent physical and mental benefits, who are we to stop them.

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